Since 1998 on the legal services market.

Siwek Gaczyński is a Law Office that has been operating in its current structure since 1998 and which was spun-off from

an entity operating on the legal services market since 1992.


Wide specialization

We specialize in the economic law as well as those domains of law, which are connected with the all forms of business activity.


Objective: our client’s success

The purpose of our work is to assist the Customers of our Chambers in a selection of the best legal solutions.

Thereby we would like to contribute in achieving by them a success in the field of their professional activity.

Our knowledge, experience and involvement are making, that we do know how to create jointly this success.


Motto: Excellent support

The motto, all employees of the Chambers are guided by during the realization of orders reads as follows: Excellent support.


   Our cooperators

Konrad legal and patent law firm

The law firm started cooperation with KONDRAT Legal and Patent Law Firm.
The core business of the Law Firm comprises services related to the interdependence of the pharmaceutical law and the industrial

property, such as patent protection of drugs, issues covering exclusive rights to registration data, names of drugs in the light

of the pharmaceutical law and regulatory requirements.


Brandpat patent agents law firm

In October 2010, we entered into cooperation with Brandpat, the patent agents law firm. This unit is assisting in all matters

related to protection of the intellectual property. It deals with acquiring of protection with respect to patents, utility models,

industrial designs, trademarks as well as website domains.