Graduate of the Administration and Law Department of the University of Warsaw.

Co-founder of the Siwek Gaczyński Law Office s.c. [Civil Partnership] ( 1998, since 2001 sp.p. [Partnership]).
A researcher at the Law and Administration Institute of the Law and Administration Department of the University of Warsaw in the years 1989-2001. Lecturer. Former legal advisor to a committee of the 1st term of office of the Upper House [Senat] of Polish Parliament in the years 1990-1994; author of numerous opinions regarding planned changes to legislature and other legal acts to the Upper House committee of Polish Parliament. Member of a group preparing an analysis regarding the harmonisation of Polish law to EU law. Attorney-at-law and member of the District Chamber of Attorneys-at-law in Warsaw. Author of numerous publications including those relating to investment law. Specialist in the field of negotiations, commercial law and energy law. A lawyer with a broad range of practical experience as well as management knowledge that ensures realistic assistance and help to Law Office Clients in achieving their goals.