Fields of expertise:

•    civil law and procedure,
•    economic litigations,
•    combating unfair competition,
•    currency options.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Member of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Białystok, entered in the list of legal advisers in 2006.
He has many years of practice in economic cases (including in particular in litigations between entrepreneurs concerning payment, compensation, return of unjust enrichment and unfair advantage taken). He earned his experience by representing e.g. leaders of the fruit and vegetable processing industry, waste management and environmental protection services, construction markets (DIY), FMCG as well as entrepreneurs from the construction, food and many other industries.

His expertise-related interests include in particular:

•  law on promissory notes (including in particular defence of individuals who signed blank promissory notes);
•  issues concerning the combating of unfair competition (including in particular court cases concerning the use of  another party’s reputation /the so-called “parasitism”/, illegal imitation, infringements of trademarks, dishonest advertising, infringements of the enterprise secrets and the so-called “shelf charges”);
• legal issues concerning currency options (analyses of evidence and representing entrepreneurs in litigations with banks, supported with extensive experience within this type of cases);
•  issues concerning responsibility of members of the Management Boards for the company’s liabilities (extensive experience in the defence of members of the Management Boards in several ten cases concerning claims based on Article 298 of the Commercial Code, Article 299 of the Code of Commercial Companies and Partnerships, Article 21 section 3 of the Bankruptcy and Reorganisation Law, Article 116 of the Tax Ordinance) and the ban on conducting economic activity (defence of members of the Management Boards in cases concerning the declaration of ban pursuant to Article 373 et sec. of the Bankruptcy and Reorganisation Law).

He also used his procedural experience when he represented employers in cases within the scope of the labour law (terminations of employment contracts, disciplinary dismissals, severance pays, etc.) and when he supported entrepreneurs in negotiations of trade contracts.